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Entry into force : 20 October 2022


These rules of procedure are established pursuant to the statutes of the Club MENASIA ARTS CLUB (hereinafter called the “Club”). The main purpose is to specify the rules of organization and operation provided for by the statutes. The statutes apply in the silence of the rules of procedure, and they prevail in the event of divergence of interpretation.

Article 1 – Admission of Members to reserved areas

Members will be admitted to the Members Zones of the Club during Admission Hours

Article 2 – Reserving events

  •  All event reservations must be made through the Club’s Website.
  •  All cancellations for Club events must be carried out on the Club’s Website.
  •  Places for Club events will only be reserved or allocated after advance payment by credit or debit card and receipt of the amounts by the Club.
  •  Refunds for events will only be made if cancellation is received at least 48 hours prior to the relevant event.
  •  Cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking date may be subject to cancellation charges as determined by the Company from time to time.

Article 3 – Locker rooms

  •  Overcoats, umbrellas, briefcases, large wallets, belongings, and bags must be left in the cloakroom without exception and are left entirely at the Member’s own risk.
  •  It is forbidden to store luggage and bicycles in the locker room or elsewhere in the Club.
  •  The Club cannot be held responsible in the event of loss/theft of the Member’s personal items.

Article 4 – Consommables

No food or drink may be consumed in the Club, nor smoked cigars, unless purchased at the Club.

Article 5 – License – Sale and Supply of Alcohol

Unless otherwise specified by the Club, we do not sell or permit the use of alcoholic beverages in the Club. Any Member who brings alcoholic beverages into the Club may be expelled.

Article 6 – Dress code

Members must adhere to the Club’s dress code. Management’s decision is final in all areas relating to dress. Members can view the dress code on the Club’s Website :

Article 7 – Drugs and illicit substances

  •  Non-prescription drugs are not permitted on Club premises at any time. The consumption, possession and/or distribution of illegal substances, by any means, is strictly prohibited and any Member found or suspected to be in possession of such substances will be expelled and reported to the police.
  •  Any Member found guilty or suspected of consuming or introducing illegal substances on the premises of the Club, his membership will be terminated through immediate effect.

Article 8 – Games

No illegal betting or gambling may take place on Club premises, and no gambling or gambling. Members are prohibited from using the Club, or during Club events, to promote illegal betting or gambling.

Article 9 – Mobile devices

  •  Mobile phones may be used in the Club but not in a way that could cause a nuisance to other Members.
  •  Mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate mode at all times.
  •  Members who cause a nuisance in this manner will have their equipment confiscated and may be asked to leave the Club.

Article 10 – Neighborhood and noise

  •  Due to consideration for the neighbors of the Club, Members are required to always leave the premises peacefully.
  •  A strict 11:00 p.m. curfew is in effect in all outdoor areas of the Club. All Members must leave these spaces and return to the interior of the Club. Any audible noise that may be considered a disturbance to Club neighbors will be dealt with by management and the full cooperation of the Member is required. Any Member who does not follow the Club’s instructions may be expelled.

Article 11 – Photography and videography

  • The Club applies a strict no photography, videography, and social media policy. Discretion is important to us, and we ask the Members to be respectful of other Members and to respect everyone’s privacy.
  •  It is forbidden to take photographs in circumstances likely to cause a nuisance to the Club or to any other Member. Authorized photos or videos may only beused in accordance with these rules

Article 12 – Mail

The Company and the Club do not accept responsibility for mail received or delivered bto Club premises. Letters and packages will not be sent to a Member’s private address or to any other address.

Article 13 – Confidentiality

  •  The Club’s Privacy Notice, which is available on the Club’s Website, sets out the terms on which the Club processes personal data of Members or that Members provide to the Club or the Company.
  • The Club respects the privacy of its Members and requires each Member to do the same. The Club has a strict no press policy. Members may not disclose, post, identify or discuss, in any form or medium (including on any social media, network or other platform) any topic or event relating to another Member, or which was seen or heard in any part of the Club, without the express prior written consent of the Company and the Members and other persons affected in each case.
  •  The identity of Members is strictly confidential. Members shall refrain from identifying Members without the express written consent of the Company and of the Members and other persons affected in each case.

  •  Any breach by a Member of their confidentiality obligations under these rules may lead to the search for liability of the Member and, if necessary, their possible exclusion.

Article 14 – Smoking

  •  Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Club, unless otherwise specified by the Club
  •  Smoking is allowed :
    •  In the garden
    •  On the terrace
    •  On the balconies, at times deemed appropriate and always under the direction and at the discretion of the Club.
  •  Members are not allowed to smoke at the entrance of the Club or outside.
  •  The use of e-cigarettes or similar products is not permitted in the Club.
  •  Only the tasting of cigars is authorized in cigar lounges; no cigarettes, ecigarettes, vapes or pipes, unless otherwise specified by the Club.
  •  Only the sampling of cigars purchased on Site is authorized, in accordance with the law.