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dress code

MENASIA ARTS CLUB enforces an elegant dress code, and we ask Members to make sure that their attire is compliant while visiting the Club. Those who fail to do so may be refused entry.


  •  Jeans, plain color and without any tears.
  •  A round or V-neck T-shirt, worn with a suit jacket which must remain in place
    in the Club.
  •  Plain polo shirts. Subtle logos are allowed, but not large logos or numbers.
  •  Clean and stylish sports shoes, which is part of a stylish outfit.
  •  An elegant hat such as a fedora or a trilby.


  •  Ripped or worn jeans.
  •  Dirty sports shoes or sneakers.
  •  Flip flops and casual sandals.
  •  T-shirts with long or short sleeves, unless worn with a suit jacket.
  •  Sportswear, casual wear, or hoodies.
  •  Shorts.
  •  Baseball caps, beanies, and other hats, except those on the approved list.
  •  Outfits that are too revealing.

Individuals who technically adhere to the dress code but do not appear sufficiently well presented may be refused entry and this decision will be left to the sole discretion of our reception team.